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HOW - 2012

International Design Awards

Creativity International Awards - 2011

Silver; Platinum

Pentawards - 2011



U by Kotex

Back In Black

The Call

Kotex invented the feminine care category but was struggling to connect with the millennial generation.

CBX worked with the Kotex team to create a new brand and experience to engage with a new generation of young women.

What we did

Consumer Insights
Purpose & Meaning
Design Strategy
Brand Architecture
Identity Design
Brand Design

The Call

The Work

We started by listening and taking a walk in the shoes of the people we were trying to reach – through shop-alongs, ethnographies, social listening and in-person interviews. It soon became very clear that in order to win millennial loyalty, brands needed to find a way to connect and engage with them like people, not stereotypes.

The new brand U by Kotex revolutionized the category and ushered in a new era for feminine care with distinctive black packaging, accent colors that popped off the shelves and a “no bs” tone of voice that was refreshing and honest. Soon after the initial launch, U by Kotex Tween was introduced to micro-target that finicky demographic, and the U by Kotex Designer Series created new news on shelf and reinforced U by Kotex’s forward-thinking approach.

The Work

The Impact

• Transformed the feminine care category.
• National supply sold out two weeks after launch.
• Sales volumes increased by high single digits.
• One of the most successful launches in Kimberly Clark.

Product of the Year

2011, 2018

Pentaward Winner

Platinum Body

The Impact