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GDUSA - 2021

Graphic Design Award

GDUSA - 2022

Package Design Award



The Power
of Joy

The Call

Inspired by the explosive growth and popularity of the boba shop experience, Del Monte saw an opportunity to connect with Gen Z and other adventurous young consumers by launching a new highly accessible boba drink brand. Joyba would become the very first widely available packaged bubble tea at retail. Our task was to help Joyba drive more traffic, make more sales, and see more smiles with Joyba Bubble Tea. To gain visibility and promote trial, Joyba’s identity, packaging, and brand assets needed to be visually positioned as lighthearted and fun, while bringing to life the Joyba product experience.

What we did

Packaging Design
Design Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Guidelines
Activation & Collateral Touchpoints

The Call

The Work

Building on both the youthful, bubbly personality of the consumer and the nature of the bubble tea experience itself, the logo and identity assets shape how the brand pops in real life. Our aim was to visualize how Joyba provides a refreshing and fun break in everyday lives in a way that’s bubbly, authentic, and adventurous.

When it came to designing the Joyba logo, we knew that “smiles make more smiles.” So we created a simple brand mark centered around a smile within the circular boba product shape and rounded letter forms that supported the fun product experience. The mark is supported by boba-inspired fruit depictions composed of colorful and multi-textured spheres that provide a fun energy and spontaneity as the graphic changes from flavor to flavor. The flexibility of the graphic depiction allows Joyba to extend to this vibrant, delightfully unexpected look across additional innovations for ready-to-drink beverages and other snacking and treat categories as the brand expands in the future.

The Work The Work

The Impact

  • Joyba was well received at Target, paving the way to Costco, Albertsons, Safeway, and Circle K stores with great success
  • The Joyba 4-pack was so successful at retail that Del Monte expanded to Club stores and asked CBX to design an 8-pack
  • Del Monte won for 2022 New Product of the Year, voted by consumers in a nationally representative consumer research survey
  • Together with CBX, Joyba won a GDUSA Graphic Design Award and a GDUSA Package Design Award in 2021 and 2022
The Impact