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GDUSA - 2019

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The Call

Pillsbury is a true American icon with nearly universal recognition and positive sentiment from consumers across the country. However, its relevancy was waning as the brand struggled to connect with a new generation of families.

With no clear understanding of its place in this new cultural landscape, the Pillsbury team partnered with CBX to define the brand’s purpose and meaning in order to unlock future growth.

What we did

Research & Insights
Purpose & Meaning
Brand Voice
Design Strategy
Brand Architecture
Packaging Design

The Work

Cultural analysis and in-depth consumer research revealed that Millennial families were done with false images of domestic bliss. American kitchens are no longer solely the domain for culinary pursuits – they’re the hub for all family activity. Shared experiences are valued above anything else.

Instead of simply touting their products, Pillsbury had an opportunity to share the authenticity of the experiences their brand could facilitate. They needed to transform their brand and their culture from an old school baking company to a modern making company.

CBX developed a full Brand Meaning System that defined the purpose and behaviors used to inspire and guide the brand experience – both verbally and visually – across all communication platforms, including packaging design and brand voice.

The Work

The Impact

The shift from “baking to making” inspired new creative, galvanized a new consumer experience across digital platforms and lead to a 9% increase in sales for Pillsbury Grands 12 months after launch.

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The Impact

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The Impact