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American Graphic Design Awards - 2021

Packaging Redesign



Life’s More
Fun With
A Dog

The Call

Milk-Bone® has long been the #1 dog treat brand, but maintaining category leadership requires innovation. The dog treat category has grown explosively in recent years, and Milk-Bone needed to act fast to protect its leadership position. Milk-Bone needed to grow and modernize its iconic, 100-year-old brand, and enlisted CBX to help.

Determined to change the perception that Milk-Bone was “just a biscuit,” CBX worked with the Milk-Bone team to create a new design and architecture system that would not only manage and leverage the beloved brand equities of the past but modernize them to meet the needs of pet owners and pets, thereby paving the way for the future.

What we did

Research and Insights
Brand Architecture
Design Strategy
Identity Design
Package Design

The Call

The Work

CBX worked with Milk-Bone to establish the key pillars to better organize the brand’s portfolio, and conducted work sessions to strategically align to equities across the brand architecture pillars and bring them to life, infusing elements of brand truths, ambitions, and aspirations into the brand. We created a visual and verbal toolkit designed around the concept of “Life’s More Fun with a Dog,” and used that foundation to overhaul the packaging system with a fresh, updated feel.

The Work

The Impact

The Impact The Impact