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Green Valley

Healthy Food
For All

The Call

How do you create a modern organic brand for a new generation that expects a balance of fun, taste excitement and nutritional integrity in everything they consume?

In a sea of sanctimony and sameness, we saw this as an opportunity share a new and distinct brand point of view by embracing the fact that organic was no longer a point of differentiation, but rather the new expectation.

What we did

Purpose & Meeting
Design Strategy
Identity Design
Packaging Design
Voice & Messaging
Social Media Strategy
Website Design

The Work

While organic is the new expectation, the fact still remains that not everyone has access to it. Our mission became clear: Healthy Food For All.

We designed every aspect of the Green Valley brand to help make vegetables with high nutritional integrity more accessible – from its simple, storybook design language, to its approachable voice and messaging strategy. We then activated the brand mission across digital platforms with unique recipes, charity partnerships and ongoing engagement via social media.

The Impact

• Nearly 200,000 website clicks and 460,000 engagements
• Nearly 90% of site traffic has been attributed to the recipe and blog pages of the site
• In just seven months, social media efforts have generated nearly 10 million impressions, reached 4 million qualified users, aggregated over 126,000 new followers, and drove half a million engagements.