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The Good Table

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The Call

General Mills wanted to disrupt the center aisle with a new product line of sauces and coatings. While the product was great, they shared doubts that any of their existing brands would be able to get noticed.

So we asked them, “What would we do if we weren’t General Mills? What if we just tried to disrupt the category with a great food story?”

What we did

Purpose & Meaning
Design Strategy
Identity Design
Packaging Design

The Work

Millennial consumers expressed frustration with getting stuck in the chicken rut and were on the hunt for brands that could deliver some weekend wow.

We worked iteratively with the General Mills team and consumers to explore a range of possible brand stories and names, inspired by current experiences within food culture.

CBX developed The Good Table brand meaning, name, identity, voice and packaging -leaning into the exciting food experience it bring to everyday meals.

The Impact

• From kick-off to on-shelf in under 11 months

• Walmart took the entire line at launch, opening the door for more product innovation