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Gold Medal

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Gold Medal is a brand that not only gave rise to the company we now know as General Mills, it helped build the town they affectionately call Mill City (aka Minneapolis).

As new, more premium flour brands were gaining traction, Gold Medal had lost its way.

What we did

Brand Purpose & Meaning
Brand Voice
Design Strategy
Identity Design
Packaging Design

The Call

The Work

Bakers have a need for the structure and control that enables them to create and recreate – through exacting recipes, careful choreography, and oral traditions – the same experiences again and again. They also need a standard of quality on which they can rely. We saw the opportunity to position Gold Medal as the standard bearer for millers, signifying the quality and reliability required for great baking.

We defined the brand’s purpose and meaning and the visual and verbal language that best communicated its story and experience.

Our packing redesign leveraged the strength and proud heritage of the brand as a leader in the category for over 100 years.

The Work The Work